System Requirements for Filing Online

Electronic Dockets Application

The Commission’s Electronic Dockets application ensures security, stability and functionality for dockets processing. If you experience difficulties, please send an email to, or call 202-789-6800 and select option 2 to leave a message for the Docketing Section staff member on duty.

Accessing Filing Online

Filing Online users may experience limitations with respect to the web browser that they may use. The following common browsers have been used to successfully test the Filing Online portion of the PRC website on both PC and Mac machines:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Conversion to PDF

All filers must provide at least one PDF document with their filing to use as a “host document.” This ensures the security and integrity of the filing, as it will now be considered as a legal document for the Commission’s review. Users may either upload their own PDF documents (created via various PDF programs) for posting on the Commission’s website or use the PDF Converter provided on the Filing Online page to create a new PDF file for posting.

The “Create PDF” button in Filing Online utilizes a program called ActivePDF to convert word processing files to PDF files. This conversion is accomplished on the PRC web server using a word processing program to open the file and create a PDF.