EEO and No FEAR Act

The Postal Regulatory Commission (Commission) is an Equal Opportunity employer. We fully support the requirements of law and regulation that prohibit discrimination on the basis of:
- Religion
- National Origin
- Age
- Disability
- Marital Status
- Political Affiliation
- Genetic Information
- Sex (including sexual harassment sex-based wage discrimination
- Retaliation for EEO activity

The Commission complies with all the provisions of the Notification and Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act of 2002 (“No FEAR Act”) and Federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination. To this end, the Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer of the Commission is charged with the responsibility to develop policies and procedures for implementing the No FEAR Act and to ensure access to the Commission’s EEO services provided by the National Equal Employment Opportunity Investigative Services Office (NEEOISO).

The No FEAR Act is intended to reduce the incidence of workplace discrimination within the Federal government by making agencies and departments more accountable. The No FEAR Act prohibits discrimination and retaliation against federal workers who participate in the EEO process or whistle-blower activities.

The Commission provides its Affirmative Action Plan, EEO Data, and instructions for how to file an EEO complaint on its website, through links provided on this page.

Postal Regulatory Commission
EEO Director
Erica A. Barker