Filing Online Accounts

Temporary Account

A temporary account can be obtained online immediately. It may only be used to file a notice of intervention or a comment that has been solicited by the Commission. It expires after 35 days. A temporary account holder who intends to participate in a proceeding on an ongoing basis is urged to apply for a permanent account as soon as possible.
Apply Online

Permanent Account (Principal & Agent)

A permanent account is required to submit most documents in Commission proceedings. It is also required if the applicant desires status as a Principal Account Holder or Agent Account Holder. A permanent account holder must confirm that he or she is authorized to represent the participant indicated on the document filed and must warrant that all documents filed under the account are authentic and accurate.

A completed application for a permanent account must be mailed or hand delivered to:
Secretary of the Commission
Attn: Docket Section
901 New York Avenue, NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20268

After acceptance by the Secretary, the applicant will receive an email with a username and a temporary password. Upon receipt, the applicant should immediately access the Filing Online Profile Page and select a permanent password. Users who are converting from temporary to permanent accounts will receive a message confirming the change in their account status. They should continue to use the username and password they initially selected.

PDF Document Download a PDF of the Permanent Application.

About Principal and Agent Accounts

Principal Account Holders assume responsibility for the contents of material being submitted and authorize its submission. Agent Account Holders may submit filings on behalf of a Principal Account Holder, but they may not authorize a filing. An Agent Account Holder may not submit a filing until a Principal Account Holder designates him or her as the Principal Account Holder's agent.

Privacy Act Notice

The collection of this information is authorized by 39 U.S.C. § 3603. This information will be used for administering the filing of documents in electronic form by participants in Postal Regulatory Commission proceedings. It may be publicly disclosed under the routine uses given in the Privacy Act system notice published at 64 Fed. Reg. 56819 (1999). Additionally, comments and documents filed with the Commission addressing an active proceeding before the Commission may be posted on its website for the public's information.