Analysis of the Postal Service’s FY 2020 Annual Performance Report and FY 2021 Performance Plan

The Commission released the FY 2020 Report Evaluating USPS FY 2020 Performance Report and FY 2021 Performance Plan on June 2, 2021, reviewing whether the Postal Service met its goals and providing recommendations to the Postal Service related to the protection or promotion of public policy objectives. 39 U.S.C. § 3653(d).

Here are some of the key findings from this report.

The Commission performed an in-depth review of the Postal Service’s four performance goals.

The table below lists the four performance goals, their corresponding performance indicators, results from FY 2017 through FY 2020, and targets for FY 2020 and FY 2021.

Performance Goals and Associated Performance Indicators, Targets, and Results

Source: Report page 6.




The Postal Service did not meet the High-Quality Service performance goal, which measures on-time delivery of mail and packages.

The map below illustrates the percentage of Single-Piece First-Class Mail 3-5-Day mailpieces that were delivered within the expected service performance window, measured at the District level. No District achieved the target of 95.25%, with the highest performing District having an 86% on-time service performance score.

Single-Piece First-Class Mail 3-5-Day Percentage of Mailpieces Delivered On-Time
By District for FY 2020

Source: Report page 58.




The Postal Service partially met the Excellent Customer Experiences performance goal, which measures customer service satisfaction, because it only met four of the eight targets associated with the goal.

The reasons given by the Postal Service for missing FY 2020 targets and the Postal Service’s plans for meeting FY 2021 targets are listed in the figure below.

Excellent Customer Experiences Performance Indicators
Postal Service Reasons for Missing FY 2020 Targets and
Plans for Meeting FY 2021 Targets

Source: Report page 72.

To evaluate the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on overall satisfaction, the Commission analyzed overall satisfaction results for each of the CX surveys before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in FY 2020, which are shown below.

Overall Satisfaction Survey Results by FY 2020 Quarter
Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Report page 79.




The Postal Service partially met the Safe Workplace and Engaged Workforce performance goal because it met the Total Accident Rate target but missed the Survey Response Rate target.

FY 2020 was the second year the Postal Service met the Total Accident Rate target. As the figure below shows, results improved for the fourth year in a row, as a lower result is a better outcome.

Total Accident Rate Results
FY 2017 through FY 2020

Source: Report page 90.

The figure below shows that the Survey Response Rate result has declined each year between FY 2017 and FY 2020, falling from a relative high of 46% in FY 2017 to 33% in FY 2020. The FY 2020 result did not meet the FY 2020 target of 51%.

Postal Pulse Survey Response Rate
Results from FY 2017 through FY 20201

Source: Report page 100.




The Postal Service partially met the Financial Health performance goal—missing one target but meeting another.

In FY 2020, the Postal Service missed the target for Deliveries per Total Workhours % Change. Controllable Income (Loss) was ($3.75) billion, which was $0.25 billion better than the FY 2020 target of ($4.00 billion).

Controllable Income (Loss) Results
FY 2017 through FY 2020

Source: Report page 122.